(First published March 2015)

Lord Hesketh’s memory lives on as 30 years later a new star is born.

Even though this 2-litre beast has no direct engineering lineage to the original Hesketh 1000cc V-twin, it celebrates Lord Hesketh’s F1 racing team with Hunt’s winning number 24 and bold team paintwork.

Entrepreneur Paul Sleeman took hold of the reins and in 2014 launched this mighty beast to the world with the intention of producing a limited run of only 24 bikes.

The Hesketh 24 alongside the car that started the legend

S&S X-Wedge

Using the formidable S&S X-Wedge engine tuned by iconic engine specialists Harris Performance, the rest of the bike doesn’t hold back either by using the best of everything including brands such as Öhlins, Beringer and Baker bolted together in harmony.

That V-twin 1950cc engine pumps out an easy 125bhp at 6000rpm and bucket loads of torque with a quoted figure of 196Nm; plenty enough to make you hold on for grim death away from the lights. 

All this leads to an engine which is operating easily within its limits with good fuel economy too.

The bike is a starting block for a planned line up of new British-built machines from the manufacturer in Surrey, UK.

The Hesketh 24 in gunmetal livery just hangs together perfectly

Instant power

If white isn’t your flavour there’s also a very fetching carbon fibre, gunmetal version which is top notch and will probably be chosen as a favourite by even more future punters.

If you fancy getting hold of this piece of fine English engineering you need to be hasty as they’re sure to go quick. Each one of the 24 features an engraved numbered 18ct  gold plaque – a collectors item in the making.

And at £35,000, bring a fat wallet too.

Update 1

June 2017
The revived Hesketh’s success with the 24 has led to development of the second model in the line-up, the Sonnet. Marketed by Moto Corsa the new model features the same grunty mill now upgraded to 145bhp with 210Nm of the torquey stuff, modifications throughout and beautiful craftsmanship including an eye-popping twin filler fuel tank.


Exquisite detailing sets the Hesketh Sonnet apart from mainstream bikes.

Update 2

Not satisfied with 2 stunning bikes in their portfolio, Hesketh has produced another peach. The Valiant SC is a Supercharged version based on their already superb platform. Launching in summer of 2018 the 2.1 litre 210bhp engine has now pushed its torque up to a musclebound 295Nm at just 3000rpm. Fitted with an array of high tech components the bike is expected to retail at a cool £50k.

A handsome brute, the Hesketh Valiant SC exemplifies Britishness at its very best